Bess Katramados Bio, Career, Big Show, Wiki & Net Worth

Bess Katramados is a revered and popular former model and also the beloved second wife of the super famous WWE wrester, Big Show aka Paul Donald Wight.

Bess Katramados was born in the US, at Illinois in the year 1973 but the exact date of her birth is still unknown as she hasn’t shared the details with any netizen.

Bess Katramados (Big Show Wife) Bio, Age, Husband, Wiki & Facts

Bess Katramados - Big Show's wife
Photo Credit: Instagram (Paul Wight)

Nevertheless, she blows candles every year on the 13of July which is therefore believed to be her birth date. As per this date, her zodiac sign is Cancer. She is a resident of New York.

As long as her career is concerned, Bess Katramados always dreamt of joining the glamour world. When she begun her career, she started off from Illinois, which was her hometown.

In the year 2020, there was a Netflix reality show, ‘The Big Show’ which transformed her into a hot topic as her husband, Paul was a participant of this program.

It was once famously quoted by Mao Zedong, “Women hold up half the sky”. In this case, the same is true with Bess Katramados as she proved the statement right, both metaphorically and literally as she became the loyal wide of WWE superstar, Paul Donald Wight.

They say God takes more time to watchfully mold a woman’s form as they are a masterpiece of the creation of God. Big Show also believes that her wife is a boon in his life who has kept him humble and grounded despite his surging popularity and stardom.

Bess Katramados Bio – A peak into her early life

Bess Katramados is believed to celebrate her birthday every year on 13of July and as mentioned earlier, she was born in the year 1973 in Illinois, US. She is an American by nationality but this resident of Illinois perfectly fits the Caucasian ethnicity.

In spite of being the renowned wife of a highly famous wrestling figure, the significance of her early life is not revealed to the general public.

You can’t even refer to any relevant social media pages or sources as there are no such pages that confirm the educational and familial details of Bess Katramados.

Bess Katramados – Body measurements, height and age

Moving on to further details on this personality, the age of the magnificent personality Bess Katramados is 44 years but if you see her, she doesn’t look even a day older than her early thirties.

She doesn’t take the added pressure or baggage of being the wife of a wrestler and hence this had not taken a toll on her health of figure.

The horoscope charts suggest that this American resident is a Cancer but still her characteristics are similar to that of a Cancerian. On the contrary, the charming Bess owns a stunning body that makes it clear that she is a former model and has always been into taking care of her figure.

It’s right that Bess Katramados was a model and her height is 5’8”. She has got a covetous figure and her striking blue eyes can make any man fall for her. This is why The Big Show is indeed lucky to get her as his wide.

Bess Katramados – Parents, childhood and education

Bess Katramados was born to a Christian family in Illinois, USA. She was a child who loved and treasured her grandparents much more than her mother and father.

If you search online, you’ll see that she is someone who has always tried hard to hide the names of her siblings, parents and any specific childhood memories.

She attended Lutheran High School in Illinois but she wasn’t a good student academically. This is why she started showing interest in modelling since the final year of her high school.

Bess Katramados and Big Show – Their love story and marriage

Before Bess Katramados, the first wife of WWE star, Big Show was Melissa Piavis and they were married to each other from 1997 to 2002.

They both had a daughter, Cierra Wight from their nuptial relation. During the start of 2000, their relationship began to face problems due to which they had to call off their marriage.

As per few secret sources, both Bess Katramados and Big Show were seeing each other before the latter’s divorce. After Big Show officially called off his marriage on 6th Feb, 2002, Bess Katramados and Big Show married on 11th Feb, 2002, just 5 days after his divorce.

Since then, Bess Katramados left her modelling career and became a fitness instructor and personal trainer of her husband.

Bess and Show were blessed with two children along with being the step-mom of Show’s first child, Cierra Wight. Both Bess and Big Show are pretty active socially and now they live with their daughter in Miami, Florida.

Success in career and how it begun

During the final year of her school, she wanted to become a model and hence after her graduation from NYC, US, she did her registration in a modelling agency. As she was extremely beautiful, she immediately kickstarted her career in modelling pretty toon.

She didn’t have to struggle for work. Very soon, she reached the top position and it was then that she met Big Show and fell in love with him.

Thereafter, she quit her career post marriage and became a housewife. Nevertheless, later on, she became a fitness instructor and personal trainer of her husband, Big Show.

Income and Career

She had earned a good name in the world of modelling but after marriage, she called it quits. She decided to become a housewife and take care of her husband.

After her school, she joined a Korean company where she met a wrestler, Danny Bonaduce and he introduced the legendary Hulk Hogan.

Net worth of Bess Katramados

As per estimates, Bess Katramados’ net worth is near about 1.2 million USD. Apart from this, Bess Katramados is also a responsible and loyal homemaker who takes proper care of her children and the entire household every day.

Her husband made a total collection of $20 million to his account, thanks to his flourishing wrestling career.

Therefore, although Bess Katramados has stayed away from the social media and made sure all her life’s details are not out there in the market for all, we have been able to gather this much information about her life.

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