Dreams About Dogs – Meaning And Interpretation

Although interpretation of dream isn’t an exact science but it is a subjective art where symbols interact with each other in order to design a clear meaning.

Getting dreams on animals is a symbolization of your behaviours, basic feelings and your reactions. These are dreams on overlooked, repressed instinct and they often reveal the shadow part of someone’s daily self.

Dogs In Your Dream: The Meaning and Spiritual Symbolism

Dog Dream Meanings & Interpretations

These are dream animals and they usually indicate that self which you usually hide from others during the day. Seeing these dreams can help you reach the essence of all your feelings and problems. We are aware of the fact that dogs are humans’ biggest companions and they are well known for their loyalty and selfless love.

When you see dog dreams, your basic instincts and emotions come up to the surface through the dream. Read on to know more on the interpretations of dog dreams and why you see them often.

A dog – What does it mean spiritually?

Symbolism of dogs in your dreams is everything about protection, loyalty and intuition and these may also suggest that your intentions and values can help you attain success in life.

Dogs are spiritually related to relationships and friendships. They might suddenly appear in your dreams in order to offer you spiritual help or insight into your inner self since they’re known for their trust and loyalty.

Dogs may also appear in your dream for a reason which often involves security and relationships. A dog may also show up in your dream to let you concentrate on your root chakras and heart. It may help you channelize any energy that can get stuck and let you bring back balance to your chakras.

Most common meanings of Dog Dreams

Why do you see a dog barking in your dream?

You might be able to predict the emotional nature of a dog when you get to know the sound of the bark. Dog barks are either happy or angry.

When you hear a dog barking in a happy manner, this is trying to communicate the feeling of being loved and that you’re a part of the pack of dogs. Angry barking means that the dog might be threatened or frightened about an impending attack.

When you have a positive social life, a happy bark is an implication of the fact that you’re enjoying all your friendships, especially when you dream of a pack of dogs together. On the contrary, seeing an angry bark is an ominous sign.

What does it mean when you see a dog swimming in your dream?

Majority of the dogs love to swim and in general, dreaming of water is connected with strong emotions. Having said that, a dog that swims in water might be a reflection of the fact that you’re trying hard to struggle with the feelings that you have towards someone.

Think of whether there’s anything that is weighing hard on your mind and heart? Did you lately go through a break-up?

What does it mean when you see a dog playing around?

It can’t be denied by a dog lover that one of the simple joys in life is to play fetch with a dog. When you see them in having fun, this is simply contagious.

So, if you find a dog playing around in your dream, this can be a perfect sign that there might be increased playfulness soon to arrive in your life.

Feel free to purchase a coloring book or purchase few hoops from your basketball court or plan out a game night along with your near and dear ones. This type of dream means that you shouldn’t take life seriously and rather have fun like a dog.

What is the meaning of seeing a dream of a dog attacking you?

There are many people who aren’t such dog lovers and they always have a fear of being attacked by a dog. In case you see such a dream, you should certainly call it a nightmare.

The symbol of a dog attacking you can imply that you’re scare of something and you’ve been dreaming about something bad. It may also mean that you’ll feel lonely and betrayed.

What does it mean when you see a dog inside a cage in your dream?

If you have been feeling a sense of betrayal, you may also see a dream which involves a dog within a cage. Do you feel trapped in someone else’s decisions? Do you feel alone or let down by someone else?

However, this is a dream that relates to you and there may be few changes made. It is not good to feel trapped when you’re alone. Try to do something which can bring forth a positive change in your mind as you deserve this.

What does it mean when you see scented dogs in your dream?

When Afghan Hounds, Beagles, Bloodhounds or Irish Wolfhounds come to your dream, this represents you trying to solve an issue.

These are dogs that are well-known for the capability to track or the sense of smell. Have faith in the fact that you’ll find a solution and things will certainly fall in place.

What does it mean that you’re dreaming of a hunting dog?

Are you dreaming of a Retriever, Labrador, Setter or Spaniel? These dogs are usually symbolic of their hunting skills and they’re bred in such a manner that they can assist their owners in hunting.

If you see these dogs in your dreams, you should ask yourself whether or not you’ve been searching for something.

Have you been looking for a job? Did you recently start hunting for a house? It can be demotivating when you couldn’t achieve what you thought of. This is when you might see such a dog appear in your dream.

Above all, if you dream of small dogs like Papillons or Chihuahuas, Pugs or Pomeranians, this symbolizes that you’re someone who believes in enjoying life.

If any of these dogs greet you in your dream, it is a gentle reminder that things are all going to be in order in your life and you should remember to appreciate the smaller things in life.

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