Foods That Begins With H(Foods Beginning With H)

This rundown of food sources that begin with H has everything from fresh fruits, vegetables, to ageless mixes like saint subs and hollandaise sauce.

There are food varieties from such countless various societies, you might find out with regards to another dish or two! Take a stab at consolidating a couple of these fixings to make another formula all your own.

Or then again perhaps you incline toward cheeseburgers all things considered. Regardless, these H food varieties sure are yummy!

List Of Good Food That Starts With The Letter ‘H’

Foods That Start With H

Hot dogs

This exemplary BBQ food is like a sausage, yet without the spicy flavor! They can be boiled, microwaved, or barbecued.

Slide your sausage onto a bun and top with ketchup, mustard, relish, and whatever else you can imagine for a tasty eating experience.

Hash Browns

Hash browns are an exquisite breakfast side that adds such a lot of flavor to your morning platter.

Partake in your potatoes shaved, cubed, or crushed for an assortment of hash brown surfaces.

Most hash browns incorporate onion and garlic, and some have significantly a greater number of fixings than that!


Haddock is a lean fish that is like tilapia. The white filets are high in omega-3s and are extraordinary for heart health.

This fish is deliciously prepared, seared, or boiled!


Haggis is a Scottish exquisite pudding that is produced using sheep’s pluck (its liver, lungs, heart, and stomach), onions, oats, suet (hard fat), and an assortment of flavors. Generally, the substance was totally cooked while being encased in the creatures’ stomach, yet presently can be cooked in artificial housings.


Ham is a relieved meat produced using a leg cut of pork. Ham can be either wet relieved (utilizing corrosive) or dry-restored (utilizing salt). Ham likewise comes as smoked or un-smoked that has an altogether unique character. Hams are regularly enhanced with flavors and marinades that grant significantly more flavors. It is made across the world however every area has its rendition.

Hakka noodles

Hakka noodles are a kind of noodles made by the Hakka individuals in China. It has a light yellow tone and is served in a soup with various sorts of meats like chicken or pork. It can likewise be utilized in pan-sears or stews.


This nut is one of the most well-known on the planet. It is a medium-sized nut (between 1/2 – 1 inch) and has a slim, earthy colored skin that is now and then eliminated prior to utilizing in plans. Hazelnuts are additionally extremely well known in the confectionary world and are utilized a ton during the creation of chocolate and nut spreads.


This fish is found in the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans and can grow up to 3 feet 3 inches (1 meter) long. Hake has small sharp feet and slender spiky dorsal balances. These fish are exceptionally well known in the culinary world and can be utilized in practically any way.


Herbs are eatable leaves from any plant that are utilized as flavorings or enhancements. Herbs are extremely fragrant and tasty and can change an entire dish. They can shift in color however are for the most part various shades of green. They can either be powerful spices that incorporate rosemary or thyme, or delicate which incorporate coriander and parsley.


One of the most established and most popular sauces, hollandaise is one of the five mother sauces of French food. It is an emulsion of egg yolk, dissolved margarine, and lemon juice. Being a mother sauce, it normally is the base for some different sauces like a Béarnaise and Au Vin Blanc. The most popular use for a Hollandaise sauce is on an exemplary Eggs Benedict.


This Arabic topping is made by mixing chickpeas with oil, tahini, and different flavors. It is utilized as a plunge or spread for crudités, saltines, or some other snack. Today, numerous different fixings are utilized to make hummus like beetroot.


Honey is a thick and incredibly sweet fluid that is normally delivered by honey bees. Honey is put away in honeycombs by the honey bees and collected from these. It has different utilizations in the culinary world and is generally perceived for its medical advantages. Honey comes in various flavors that are dictated by their current circumstance.


This root vegetable is delivered and utilized around the world. It has an exceptionally sharp and extraordinary hot character that can be utilized as a spice or sauce. It can likewise be utilized as a base for some, plans including cured horseradish or horseradish sauce.

Honeydew melon

Honeydew melons, or green melons, are enormous round melons running between 6-9 inches (15-22cm) in measurement and weigh around 4-8 pounds (1.8-3.6kg). The smooth strip is a yellow-green tone while the tissue is normally a light green. They are commonly filled in more heat and tropical climates and have an exceptionally sweet, delicious character.


Harissa is a hot bean stew glue that started in Tunisia. It is produced using cooked red pepper, Buklouti or serrano peppers, olive oil, and a huge load of various flavors including coriander and cumin. Various locales have various plans and fixings. Harissa is chiefly utilized as a seasoning element for sauces or stews.

Hoison sauce

This Asian sauce is produced using soybeans, stew, fennel, and garlic. Different fixings that are consistently utilized are Chinese Five Spice, vinegar, and some type of sugar. The sauce has a thick consistency and has an exceptionally unmistakable pungent and sweet character. Hoison sauce makes an astounding marinade for red meats however can likewise be utilized in stews, dishes, and sauces.

Habanero pepper

These are probably the most blazing peppers available and reach between 100 000 and 350 000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units). Unripe, they have a green tone and as they mature become red and yellow, at times assortments purple and white. These are hot as well as very tasty peppers that are for the most part used to make hot sauces as toppings.


Halva is a sweet dessert that can be found in numerous spaces of the world, for the most part, the Middle East and Asia. Two principle types can be found; flour-based and nut-based. Flour-based is more coagulated and smoother while nut base is all the more brittle. Halva can be filled in as a bite or as a component of dinner.


Headcheese is a terrine produced using the tissue of the head of calves or pigs. The meat is encased by a jam and never contains any dairy. Sheep and cows’ meat can likewise be utilized yet is considerably less normal.

Havarti cheese

This Danish semi-delicate cheddar is produced using cows’ milk and can be handily cut. It has a light yellow tone and a couple of holes inside. It is matured for quite some time and is never any more drawn out or more limited.

Hot Cakes

Also called flapjacks, hotcakes are a Saturday morning breakfast staple! Partake in these warm cakes covered in spread and syrup or finished off with fruit.

They rush to make and enjoyable to eat!


Smooth hollandaise is an exquisite sauce and basic part of the Kentucky hot brown. Made with thick cream and cheddar, you could pour this over anything!

Make your own hollandaise for these special seasons, and take your family blowout to a higher level.

Heart Cherries

This sweet berry is formed like a heart! Heart cherries are known for being more modest and somewhat more tart than different kinds of cherries.

With their red tone and heart shape, they make the ideal Valentine’s day treat.


Enliven your existence with this bean stew pepper glue. Harissa hails from Thailand and is a mix of broiled peppers, flavors, and spices.

There is an additionally flower petal harissa that sounds sweet, yet is as yet an exquisite glue! Serve this sauce on your beloved dinner for some extra character.

Honeycrisp Apples

The king of all red apples, the honeycrisp apple was designed to be flavorful and juicy.

With the perfect balance between sweet and tart, these crisp beauties are a popular snack choice.

Enjoy them by themselves or smother a few slices with peanut butter!

Husk Tomato

Husk tomatoes are also known as tomatillos and are very popular in many Mexican recipes. They get their name from the thin, papery husk that surrounds the fruit.

Husk tomatoes are the staple ingredient in salsa verde but are used in many other dishes as well.

Tart by themselves, most recipes call for added herbs and sugar to get that great flavor you know and love!


The only way to make cornbread better would be to deep fry it. That is exactly what hushpuppies are– deep-fried cornbread fritters.

They are traditionally served with fried seafood and have onion and garlic mixed right into the batter for flavoring.


The huckleberry is in the same family as the blueberry, and the two are similar in appearance and taste.

You can use huckleberries to make jams, desserts, and herbal teas.

The small berries vary in color and can have a sweet or tart taste, depending on the variety.

Huckleberries range from red to dark purple, with the darker berries being sweeter.

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