Most Expensive Shoes In the World

Footwear planners have delivered some genuinely costly shoes to the mass market, however nothing thinks about to the ultra-extravagance footwear a few fashioners have made for the very rich.

These super luxury kicks include jewels in abundance, alongside gold and other uncommon diamonds. Here are the costliest shoes on the planet.

The Most Expensive Sneakers Ever Made

Most Expensive Shoes Of All Time

What was essentially imagined to secure and give solace to the human feet has, throughout the long term become one more image of extravagance. The high style shoes, planned by top originators are made utilizing costly materials.

Sets of such shoes ordinarily cost a huge number of dollars. In any case, there are a few shoes, the cost of which will definitely take your breath away. Allow us to view the costliest shoes on the planet.

Tom Ford by Jason Arasheben

Cost: $2 million

The costliest men’s shoes available, these glittery custom Tom Ford kicks graced the feet of Nick Cannon on “America’s Got Talent” in 2014. For that wow factor, laborers went through more than 2,000 hours astonishing the shoes with 14,000 precious stones. Expectation it was great, Nick.

Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heels

Cost: $2 million

This isn’t the last time you’ll see originator Stuart Weitzman on this rundown. The organization creates various super-costly things, including these heels highlighting dazzling blue tanzanite stones. An aggregate of 185 carats of tanzanite help give them a touch of shimmer.

Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers

Cost: $2 million

Another pair of strangely luxury footwear from Stuart Weitzman, these jewel-studded four-inch impact points are complete shockers. More than 500 Kwiat precious stones line the shoe’s lashes, alongside one significant 5 carat amaretto jewel right on the facade of the correct shoe.

Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heels

Cost: $3 million

You may spot Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, girl of the celebrated Rita Hayworth, wearing these silk heels making the rounds. The shoes feature a couple of gemstone-studded earings once worn by the Hollywood symbol, gotten into a frilly bed of ultrasoft silk.

Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

Cost: $3 million

Dorothy might have tapped her direction anyplace if her ruby shoes were developed by extravagance fashioner Harry Winston. Created for the 50th commemoration of the exemplary film, these shoes sport 4,600 rubies, just as 50 carat jewels.

A Shoe Thrown at President George W. Hedge

Cost: $10 million

While you will not discover this shoe at your corner super-extravagance retail chain, it actually positions among the costliest shoes ever.

Iraqi writer Muntadhar al-Zaidi hurled the shoe at President Bush during a public interview in 2008. In spite of the fact that he missed the hit, the shoe later sold for $10 million.

Aubercy Diamond Shoes

Cost: $4510

Everybody adores a touch of extravagance in their lives. These Aubercy Diamond shoes are surely lavish. Aubercy are eminent in the shoe business for creating top quality extravagant shoes utilizing entirely straightforward plans.

Aubercy is notable in the shoe business for giving unbelievably basic however top of the line extravagance footwear.

These jewel version shoes have been delivered in rigorously restricted numbers and the organization reports selling a couple of sets, adding to their eliteness.

Adding jewels to items adds amazing extravagance and these absolutely are awesome shoes. Extravagance dispatches portray them as shoes that permit each man stun and sparkle, mentioning that men merit jewels similarly as much as ladies.

Precious stone Shoes by Jada Dubai x Passion Diamond

Cost: $17 million

Pop 240 precious stones on a couple of stilettos and you before long lift the cost, particularly when two of those jewels are 15 carat D evaluation precious stones.

These heels, an association between Jada Dubai and Passion Diamond, were created more than nine months from strong gold. They’re sparkly and they’re worth very much of cash.

Debbie Wingham Heels

Cost: $15.1 MILLION

These pair of shoes are planned by British originator Debbie Wingham and are the second most costly pair of footwear on the planet.

The fashion designer had worked together with footwear originator Chris Campbell to make these shoes for a private customer, which was a present to a relative for her 30th birthday celebration.

Valuable stones were utilized from the customer’s family assortment and the whole interaction of making it took more than 100 hours. They highlight three-carat pink jewels and one-carat blue precious stones, that are situated on the facade of every one of them.

Testoni Men’s Dress Shoes

Cost: $30,000

At the point when Amedeo Testoni opened his first workshop in quite a while, aspiration was to develop the customary Bolognese shoe-production procedures to make the most lovely shoes on the planet.

The customary techniques joined with Testoni’s special abilities shaped the reason for this brilliant organization, which actually invests heavily in choosing the absolute best materials.

They actually mean to make shoes of the greatest quality – without bargain. The organization, while holding its customary abilities fuse the most recent advancement and improvements in shoe making, to get the fate of this craftsman craftsmanship – shoemaking.

Testoni shoes are universally perceived as the encapsulation of present day Italian style.

Air Jordan Silver Shoes

Cost: $60,000

While Air Jordan are notable shoes which have been enormously mainstream since Nike presented them in 1985 , this pair are extraordinary and unimaginably uncommon. Sole Collector discusses how significant the Air Jordan were throughout the entire existence of Nike.

These specific Air Jordans are vintage shoes which have been endorsed by Michael Jordan himself. The especially surprising thing about these tennis shoes is that they are produced using real silver and gauge ten pounds, so they will not be excessively agreeable.

Jason Arasheben Custom


Known to have been worn by Nick Cannon while facilitating the last period of America’s Got Talent, these jewel encrusted, Jason Arasheben uniquely crafted shoes include more than 14,000 round-cut white precious stones that are set on white gold. An expected expense of this excessive pair of footwear is $2 million.

Platinum Guild Stilletos

Cost: $1.09 MILLION

One of the uncommon assortments from Stuart Weitzman, this pair of Platinum Guild Stilettos include platinum texture lashes. It additionally accompanies a sum of 464 Kiwat precious stones that are embedded on its lashes. It costs $1.09 million.

Louis Vitto Manhattan Richelieu Men’s Shoes

Cost: $10,000

This brand is viewed as the exemplification of extravagance in the realm of style. In this way, it bodes well that the item it conveys will be unfathomably itemized.

Furthermore, it shows in the vintage style and craftsmanship of these shoes. The waxed croc skin alongside the intricate join designs and nuanced hole theme make the $10,000 sticker price appear to be awesome.

Nike Air Mag 2016

Cost: $26,000

Assuming you’re a fanatic of tennis shoes, this is one shoe you should seriously mull over requiring out a second home loan on your home for. The 2016 release of the Air Mag was straightforwardly lifted from the faction 80’s science fiction hit Back to the Future II.

While the auto-binding element and lights in that pair were accomplished utilizing realistic impacts, after 30 years, all that innovation has become a reality.

These shoes are battery-controlled and highlight an engine. Just a 100 were fabricated by the brand, making them amazingly uncommon. At the present time, these shoes order a normal market cost of $26,000.

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