Most Expensive Shoes In the World

Footwear planners have delivered some genuinely costly shoes to the mass market, however nothing thinks about to the ultra-extravagance footwear a few fashioners have made for the very rich.

These super luxury kicks include jewels in abundance, alongside gold and other uncommon diamonds. Here are the costliest shoes on the planet.

The Most Expensive Sneakers Ever Made

Most Expensive Shoes Of All Time

What was essentially imagined to secure and give solace to the human feet has, throughout the long term become one more image of extravagance. The high style shoes, planned by top originators are made utilizing costly materials.

Sets of such shoes ordinarily cost a huge number of dollars. In any case, there are a few shoes, the cost of which will definitely take your breath away. Allow us to view the costliest shoes on the planet.

Tom Ford by Jason Arasheben

Cost: $2 million

Tom Ford Custom by Jason Arasheben

The costliest men’s shoes available, these glittery custom Tom Ford kicks graced the feet of Nick Cannon on “America’s Got Talent” in 2014. For that wow factor, laborers went through more than 2,000 hours astonishing the shoes with 14,000 precious stones. Expectation it was great, Nick.

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