Positive Words That Start With J

It goes without saying that positive words add positivity to your life. Whether you use simple words in your sentences or you use positive life quotes that are filled with such words, it all boosts optimism in your life. But how many times do you fall short of words while trying to frame a sentence for yourself or for motivating someone else?

Positive Words That Start With J

You might have been struggling to find the right words to complete a positive sentence. This is where the importance of such a list of positive words comes in. For playing a round of Scrabble or word game or for joining a good discussion with your friends, it is necessary that you have a strong vocabulary.

As long as positive words starting with J are concerned, you’ve reached the best post as we’re going to give you a rather long list of words. We have compiled a list of the best words that not only start with J but that also describes a thing, place, person, and much more. The letter J is the fourth least-used letter among all the alphabets but still, there’s joy in finding this letter in most names.

As we already mentioned that positivity is of utmost importance in everyone’s life and we’re naturally drawn towards jubilant, joyful, and jovial words that empower us. So, without much delay, let’s jump into the list of positive words that start with J.

A List of Positive Words that start with J

JazzilyJazzyJeezJe ne sais quoi
JestinglyJet setJeu d’espritJeunesse doree
JocundityJoie de vivreJoinJointly
JokinglyJolie laideJolifJollification
Jumble saleJumboJump-upJumpstyle

Positive Words that Start with J- Categorized as Adjectives and Nouns

Positive words are one of the best ways of making yourself and those around you positive. It is true that you don’t always need positivity around you but there are few situations where it is important to make a positive impression. So here is a breakdown of positive words according to their parts of speech.

A list of Adjectives that start with J

Adjectives are modifiers or words that better describe or modify a noun – like places, people, or things. In fact, these are a great way to bring back color to a sentence. Keep reading.


  • Meaning: Sprightly and easy in bearing or manner. Smart trim especially in clothing
  • ExampleIt has been months since I left my mark, he replied in his jaunty American accent.


  • Meaning: Characterized by, given to, intended for, or perfect for joking or jesting. Waggish or facetious
  • ExampleAnna was in a very jocular mood when she left the party.


  • Meaning: In good spirits, joyous, cheerful, charming, delightful.
  • ExampleShe was a jolly, happy, and generous woman.


  • Meaning: Endowed with joyous humor or hearty spirit of good fellowship.
  • ExampleShe appeared to be in a jovial mood just before her mood swings.


  • Meaning: Showing great satisfaction, joy, rejoicing, exultant.
  • ExampleLiverpool were in a jubilant mood post their tournament victory.


  • Meaning: Showing judgment as to action, prudent, discreet, or politic.
  • ExampleYou have to be very judicious when it comes to spending the money of a country’s taxpayers.


  • Meaning: Succulent or full of juice. Appealing, immensely profitable, satisfying, interesting, or substantive. Also, can mean very interesting when referring to talk.
  • ExampleThe mango was not only juicy but also sweet.


  • Meaning: Guided by reason, truth, fairness, and justice. Done or made as per some fixed principle.
  • ExampleThis is just! You can’t speak much about it.


  • Meaning: Having been shown to be right or just. Well-grounded or warranted.
  • ExampleDo you think he is justified in whatever he does?

A list of Positive Nouns which start with J

Nouns are naming words that are names of either place or people or things. When the noun is positive, the subject is also positive. Here is a list to check out.


  • Meaning: A carousel, noisy merrymaking. A huge gathering of a political party or a gathering of members of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.
  • Example: Sadly, we won’t be able to attend the jamboree.


  • Meaning: A polished and cut precious stone or gem. A well-fashioned ornament for the adornment of yourself
  • Example: Our health is a jewel [treasure].


  • Meaning: A vague measure of time that means quickly before you know it. A moment or a very short span of time.
  • ExampleShe prepared the entire dinner in a jiffy.


  • Meaning: A lively, bouncy dance. In terms of machinery, it means an open frame for holding work or a machine tool for work.
  • ExampleYou thought you would just jig, but I tell you, you have danced properly.


  • Meaning: To make tinkling or clinking sounds like keys, coins, or other metals. To proceed with such sounds.
  • ExampleJingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way.


  • Meaning: Something that is done or said to provoke laughter or cause amusement. Some kind of prankish act.
  • ExampleHe cracks the best and funniest jokes that make us forget our weariness.


  • Meaning: A trip. Traveling from one place to another. Taking a long-time trip. A distance course or area traveled, often meant in the course of life.
  • ExampleLife is like a journey that takes us to some unknown destination.


  • Meaning: Emotion of great happiness or delight caused by something that is highly satisfying. Elation or keen pleasure.
  • ExampleLove, joy, hate, jealousy, and fear are the emotions that we have within ourselves.


  • Meaning: The celebration of certain anniversaries as the 25th (silver jubilee), 50th (golden jubilee), or 75th (diamond jubilee).
  • ExampleMy parents celebrated their golden jubilee last year.

We hope you have enjoyed the collection of words that start with J. Start using them when you speak so that you can do away with struggling for words while speaking.

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