Positive Words That Start With K

Don’t we all know the old rhyme – “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never harm me”? We know that words can definitely hurt us sometimes but at the same time, positive words usually have an encouraging impact on the confidence of a person and also helps in the overall development of a child.

Positive Words That Start With K

Are you someone who has been wondering about the best positive words which can evoke positivity in our lives? If answered yes, you’ve clicked on the right post as this will give you a clear idea of all the words that start with K. The letter K isn’t one among the most commonly used letters in English but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a list of positive words.

Words like kissing, kind, keepsake can usually bring forth a feeling of optimism, happiness, and positivity. During these bleak times, it is tough to maintain our sanity and if we have a strong vocabulary of the most positive words, we can easily evoke positivity among others. To know more about the list of words that start with K, check out the remaining concerns of this article.

A list of positive words which start with K

Kawaii – means “cute” in JapaneseKeenKeenlyKeenness
Kekoa – Hawaiian “warrior”KemptKeyKickass
KiddiesKidsKillerKilling it
KnowledgeKnowledgeableKonnichiwa – means “hello” in JapaneseKook
KookilyKookyKris kringleKudos
Kumusta – means “hello” in TagalogKvellKwanzaa

Positive words which start with K – Categorizing them according to parts of speech

There’s no doubt when we say that positive words can be of huge help, based on the kind of personal goals you have. These words can let you adopt a positive approach towards life and leave a strong impression on the people you talk with. They can in turn see the best in you. We will hereby categorize the words according to their parts of speech. Check them out.

A list of Positive Adjectives that begin with K

Adjectives are modifying words that describe nouns, names of people, places, or things. When you have positive adjectives in a sentence, this is a great way of adding a positive spin to the sentences.


  • Meaning: Finely sharpened, in the form of an edge. Shaped for cutting or piercing things readily. Piercing, sharp or biting. Extremely sensitive to being responsive.
  • ExampleShe’s very keen to learn the dynamics of a new language.


  • Meaning: Tidily or neatly kept. Referred usually to women’s hair that is properly combed
  • ExampleThe girls’ hairstyle is well-kempt.


  • Meaning: Of a benevolent or good nature or disposition. Showing or proceeding from benevolence. Considerate, indulgent, or humane.
  • ExampleShe is such a kind, loving and friendly person.


  • Meaning: A person’s relatives who are referred to collectively, kin, kinfolk. A group of people who are related to each other, tribe, family, or clan.
  • ExampleWe three are kindred spirits on the issue of gun control.


  • Meaning: Chivalrous and noble. Characteristic of a knight, generous and courageous.
  • ExampleKing Arthur was well known for his knightly deeds which brought him closer to his followers.


  • Meaning: Exhibiting or possessing knowledge, understanding or insight, well-informed, intelligent, perceptive, and discerning.
  • ExampleShe’s very knowledgeable about economics and mathematics.


  • Meaning: Judaism. Fit or allowed to be used or eaten, as per ceremonial or dietary laws.
  • ExampleTheir business activities aren’t quite kosher.

A list of Positive Verbs which begin with K

We all know that verbs are action words or doing words that tell what is being done in a sentence. When you use a positive word in the form of a verb, this is certainly one of the best ways of making a sentence sound positive. Here are few examples.


  • Meaning: To retain or hold something in one’s possession. Hold as one’s own.
  • ExampleIf you like the dress, you can keep it and if you don’t, you may return it.


  • Meaning: To break a habit or an addiction. To strike hard with the foot or feet. To drive, force, etc with your feet.
  • ExampleDon’t kick the ball into the road as it may hurt people.


  • Meaning: To motivate something to begin or get back to work. To start by means of kick starter.
  • ExampleTheir agreement will most likely kickstart philanthropy in America.


  • Meaning: To joke about something or to not be serious about some statement or action.
  • ExampleHe tried to kid himself to believe that everything was as before.


  • Meaning: To start a fire, cause a flame or start off burning. To light up, make bright or illuminate
  • ExampleKim had managed to kindle their lost hopes of victory.


  • Meaning: To make a garment by interlocking loops of yarns with knitting needles. Literally, using yarn and knitting needles. Figuratively, to join firmly and closely parts or members.
  • ExampleThe tragedy helped to knit the family together in a bond.


  • Meaning: To understand or perceive as truth or fact. To have established in the mind or memory.
  • ExampleThe toughest thing in life is to know your worth.

A list of Positive Nouns that Begin with K

Nouns are naming words, places, people, and things. Whenever you use a positive noun in a sentence, this turns the sentence into a positive one. Here is a list.


  • Meaning: The answer to a problem. Also, a metal instrument is cut to fit into a lock and open its bolt.
  • ExampleHe turned the key of the clock to set the right time.


  • Meaning: The relatives of a person, family relationship.
  • ExampleShe left the house to stay with her husband’s kin.


  • Meaning: Fate or destiny. In Islam, the ultimate will of Allah or ordained fate.
  • ExampleIt was kismet– that they both met each other and finally married.


  • Meaning: To press or touch with the lips and then part them to make a smacking sound, generally in love or affection.
  • ExampleShe blushed when she remembered their first kiss.


  • Meaning: A special talent, skill, or aptitude.
  • ExampleHe has a knack for playing badminton.


  • Meaning: An act of instance where you knocked out. A knockout blow.
  • ExampleHe delivered a knockout blow to his enemies.

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