Positive Words That Start With Q

Are you someone who was interested in participating in debates and talk shows? If answered yes, you will certainly know the profound importance of having a strong vocabulary. How many times did you start writing a speech and suddenly forget the correct words that need to be used while framing the sentences?

Well, we all go through this phase when we start forgetting the words that ought to be used in order to bring out the exact meaning of the sentence. Why does this happen? This mainly happens because we don’t have the practice of reading much and storing words which we can use later on while speaking.

Positive Words That Starts With Q

Unless we get to read a list of words that start with a particular letter, it is tough to remember them. Yes, there are more than thirty positive words that start with Q. The letter Q is never the most frequently used word in poems or letter games or other text messages. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that there are not too many words with this letter.

Hence, let us put away all your fears of lack of words with Q and quench our thirst for all the positive words that start with Q. Check out the list given below and keep in mind all the words and their meanings and usages.

A list of Positive Words that start with Q

Quick-as-a-flashQuick on the triggerQuick-movingQuick-release


  • Quaint
  • Quality
  • Quick
  • Quiescent
  • Quintessential
  • Quirky
  • Quite
  • Quixotic


  • Quadruple
  • Qualify
  • Quantify
  • Quarantine
  • Quench
  • Query


  • Quantity
  • Quest
  • Quiet
  • Quip
  • Quirk

Categorizing the positive words according to their parts of speech

Positive Adjectives that start with Q

Quaint – Having an old-fashioned charm or attractiveness, oddly picturesque.

  • My grandma resides in a quaint old house.

Quality – A distinctive or essential characteristic, attribute, or property.

  • Quality is always better than quantity as long as friends are concerned.

Quick – Proceeding, done or occurring with rapidity or promptness, as an action, process, immediate.

  • The professor always demanded a quick response to his questions.

Quiescent – Being quiet, being at rest, motionless or inactive.

  • This is a quiescent town in the Southern part of the seaside city.

Quintessential – The representation of the pure essence of something, relating to the most perfect embodiment of something.

  • We loved the quintessential performances of the Brandenburg Concert.

Quite – Completely, entirely, or wholly. Actually, truly or really.

  • I am expecting quite a big change in him after the appointment with his GP.

Quixotic – Extravagantly chivalrous or romantic; impractical, visionary or impracticable.

  • This ended in a quixotic campaign for the support of statehood.

Positive Verbs that start with Q

Quadruple – Fourfold or consisting of four parts, four times as great. In music, having four beats for a single measure

  • We expect to quadruple our company gains by the end of 2022.

Qualify – To provide with necessary or proper skills, credentials, knowledge. Make competent.

  • I don’t think I can qualify for this job until next year.

Quantify – To determine, indicate or express the quantity of something; to put something into numerical terms.

  • The health risks are impossible to quantify and hence you should be careful.

Quarantine – To exclude, detain, isolate for social, political, and hygienic reasons.

  • The dog was kept in quarantine for about a year when he suffered from a contagious disease.

Quench – To slake, satisfy or allay. To put or extinguish. To cool suddenly by plunging into a liquid or by immersion in water.

  • He has to quench his thirst for knowledge by reading more.

Query – To ask or inquire about, to question as obscure and doubtful.

  • query whether it is possible to have faith in his statement.

Positive Nouns that start with Q

Quantity – An indefinite or particular amount of anything. An exact or specific amount of measure. A great or considerable amount

  • Make sure you mix the ingredients in the quantity I mentioned to you.

Quest – A pursuit or search in order to find or obtain something. Those engaged in such an expedition. An expedition was undertaken by a knight to achieve or secure something.

  • She had reached the place in quest of knowledge.

Quite – Making no sound or noise. No disturbing sound or silence. Can also mean calm and restorative. To make peaceful or tranquil, pacify.

  • The baby was quite a crying baby.

Quip – A witty or clever remark. Usually short and often quite sassy. A sharp, sarcastic remark or cutting jest. A quibble or an odd action.

  • He ended his speech with a funny quip.

Quirk – A peculiarity of behavior, action, mannerism, or personality. A shift, subterfuge, quibble, or evasion. A sudden turn or twist.

  • He is a man full of strange quirk as he addresses his wife as Mrs. Smith.

Words beginning with Q that have 7 or more letters

quantize (n.)beautiful; quaint; old-fashionedold-fashioned, quaint
quaintly (adv.)uniquely; strangely; oddlyoddly, strangely
qualify(v.)fitting the requirements; entitledcertified, licensed, professional
qualitative (adj.)meeting the measurements or characteristicsconditional, dependent
quality (n.)characteristic or traittrait, characteristic
quantifiable (adj.)able to be measured or countedcountable, measurable
quantity (n.)number or amountamount, portion, number
quarter (n.)something that is one-fourthfourth, part, portion
queenhood (n.)dignity or rank of a queenreign, stateliness
queenly (adj.)royal or regal; like a queenmajestic, regal
quemeful (adj.)kind or mercifulmerciful
quenching (v.)satisfying your thirstdouce, extinguish
querist (n.)question askerinquirer, asker, questioner
quester (n.)someone that goes on a questexplorer, adventurer
question (n.)something askedinquiry, interrogation
quicken (v.)to make something fasteraccelerate, hasten, hurry
quicker (adj.)fasterspeedier
quickly (adv.)at a fast speed; rapidfast, swiftly, rapidly
quickness (n.)rapid movement; agilitybriskness, nimbleness
quick-sighted (adj.)having keen eyeskeen sighted, hawk-eyed
quickstep (n.)march or dance where feet move quicklyquick march, double time
quick-witted (adj.)mentally sharp; alertastute, quick-thinking, sharp-witted
quiddity (n.)essential nature; the essenceessence, existence
quiscent (adj.)dormantquiet, still, inactive
quietly (adv.)done is a quiet mannersilently, in silence


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