Positive Words That Start With P

No matter whether you are someone who participates in debates or loves writing poems or magazine articles or blog posts or even simple text messages, you can’t go a long way without a strong vocabulary. Unless you have a stock of words in your head, you can never frame meaningful sentences that seem appealing to the reader.

Positive Words That Starts With P

Suppose you sit with your friends over a game of scrabble and you fall short of words, wouldn’t that be insulting? Bet it would! Therefore, you have to make sure you keep increasing your knowledge on words by reading and noting down the new words that you learn so that you can use them while speaking.

Perseverance, passion, perfection, playfulness! All these words start with P and if you’ve been looking for words that start with P, here is a list for you that you’ll find helpful. You can use the words that you learn from here while planning a party or playing a game of words. Allow us to present before you the list of positive words that start with P. Keep reading to boost your knowledge.

A list of Positive words that start with P

PeacemakerPeace of mindPeachPeachy
Perfect combinationPerfectionPerfectionistPerfectly

Positive Words that start with P- Categorized according to the parts of speech

There is no doubt when we say that positive words are more than just the best way to show confidence and optimism. These words help you in preparing for interaction or an interview with your boss. Here is a list of words divided according to their parts of speech. Check them out.

A list of positive adjectives that start with P

Palatable – Agreeable or acceptable to the palate or taste; savory.

  • This restaurant usually cooks palatable

Palpable – Readily or plainly seen, perceived or heard; evident; obvious

  • There is a palpable absurdity in the way they behaved with us.

Peaceful – Characterized by peace, free from strife, commotion, war, violence, or disorder.

  • He gave us a peaceful demonstration of the patriotic project.

Perfect – Conforming to the absolute description or definition of a specific type.

  • He is a perfect gentleman for me.

Placid – Calm and peaceful. Tranquil, unruffled, undisturbed, or serenely quiet.

  • She rowed peacefully on the placid

Pleasant – Pleasing. Agreeable, enjoyable, or something that gives pleasure.

  • I’ve got a pleasant little pet dog for my family.

Plentiful – Existing in great plenty, yielding abundantly.

  • Tomatoes are plentiful during the summer season.

Polite – Showing good manners towards others in terms of speech, behavior; civil or courteous.

  • He is always polite to everyone.

Positive – Explicitly stated, expressed or stipulated.

  • I’m happy about the positive acceptance of the agreement.

Possible – Able to be accomplished.

  • We need to explore every possible

Precious – Something valued and appreciated beyond most things.

  • We cannot afford to waste precious

Proficient – Able to do something well, like a pro.

  • He’s proficient at his job.

A list of Positive Verbs that start with P

Pacify – To bring or restore to a state of peace, calm, or tranquillity.

  • The baby’s mom tried to pacify her baby.

Pamper – To treat or gratify with excessive indulgence, care, and kindness.

  • She loves to pamper her kids after a hard day at work.

Participate – To take part in an activity or have a share.

  • You may well participate with us in the sports activities.

Peak – To pointed top of a ridge or mountain.

  • She was the happiest at reaching the peak of the mountain.

Persevere – To persist in anything is undertaken, to maintain a purpose despite difficulty and obstacles.

  • If you persevere till the end, you’ll definitely succeed.

Please – To act to the pleasure or satisfaction of.

  • I’d like to please the public in order to gain their love.

Praise – To express approval or admiration of; commend; extol.

  • This guy is worthy of our praise.

Produce – To make.

  • This is all locally grown produce.

A list of Positive Nouns that start with P

Pact – An agreement like a promise, a covenant, or compact.

  • He made a pact with the new multinational company.

Pair – Two identical, similar, or corresponding things that are matched together.

  • I’ve got a pair of exactly similar shoes.

Paradise – Heaven, as the final abode of the righteous. A place of extreme delight, beauty, and happiness.

  • They all expected to get a place in paradise.

Paragon – A model or pattern of excellence or of specific excellence.

  • She was certainly no paragon of virtue!

Pardon – Kind indulgence, as in forgiveness of an offense.

  • Pardon me – I didn’t get what you told me.

Passion – A powerful or compelling feeling or emotion as love or hate. Strong sexual desire.

  • He spoke with great passion and urge.

Patience – The quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper.

  • He doesn’t have the patience to learn a new language.

Poise – Grace and elegance.

  • His performance was full of maturity and poise.

Potential – What people are capable of.

  • He has great potential of saving a huge amount.

Therefore, now that you’re familiar with the words that begin with P, you should start using them in sentences so that you get to use them correctly.

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