How To Love A Man (Ways To Show Him You Really Love)

For all you ladies out there, you need to know before it’s too late that there is no perfect man! IF you’re still searching for that perfect man, get over it! Stop and start doing better things in life.

Yes, it is definitely tough to come to terms with the fact that there’s no perfect men and you might be wondering how then fairy tales end with the line – “And they lived happily ever after”.

Ways to Make A Man Fall Deeply In Love With You

How To Love A Man

You might be aware of those moments when you literally throw yourself into any relationship but what you don’t know is that relationship maintenance is a very important thing in everyone’s life.

After you finish spending the honeymoon period, how are you supposed to take care of each other? Are you really informed on the ways in which you should love a man or you’re always living in a conflict with your man?

Whichever might be the case, you need to know the tried and tested ways of loving a man, if you still don’t know them. Keep reading!

Allow your man to shine in life

For women, it might be tough to believe but it’s 100% true that they are not always the star behind the show. Although there is a proverb that says, ‘Behind every successful man, there’s a strong woman’, it is not always the case.

Men should get to know the fact that they too are appreciated and that they can be desirable too. But how do you highlight your man?

What steps should you take to boost his self-esteem, not only in front of you but also in the eyes of others? Whenever you bank on him for his value, make sure you also share that value with the while world. This is the best way in which love grows.

Let him safeguard you from all odds

I know you’re a strong woman and you’d rather like to protect yourself but did you realize that men too love to protect the one they love? Instead of being a headstrong feminist, make sure you give him a chance to lead in few situations and take good care of you.

There are times and situations when men would prefer to feel like a Batman. Once he arrives in front of you in a cape and tries his best to mend matters, make sure you love him in every way possible.

Love him in a manner he is comfortable with

Always have this in mind that your man might feel the feeling of love in a different manner than what you may feel. Try to understand what his ‘love language’ is and don’t confuse it with yours. Something that may make you feel loved might become meaningless to your man.

Try to notice when some small actions soften his heart and if you understand that, try to repeat such things.

Remember that all men have their own way of feeling the feeling of ‘love’. Focus minutely on how he responds your loving words or a massage or being given some along time.

Give your man the required space

Don’t keep poking at him as this is probably the toughest things that women can ever master. We all know that you want to give him space but you simply can’t.

What should be the ideal number of times that you should text your man? Whenever you constantly poke him, it means you’re trying to check out whether or not he is there.

Can you have faith in him that he is actually there? Women are always bad at trusting their men and they are humans who always need reassurance.

So, when you’re trying to evaluate how to love your man, you should always give him enough space so that he too respects your space.

Men have both responsive and spontaneous sexual desire

Men usually notice sex always in the air and they are ones who look at sexual images much more than women.

They are the ones who always keep an eye towards sexy things and even flirt at times. Allow them to do that. In case you find yourself jealous and insecure, try to ask yourself what it is really about.

If you always keep trying to control the natural instincts of your man, this is certainly more about maintaining your self-esteem than about him.

If you have faith on him that he will maintain your relationship agreements, don’t mind little bit of jealousy.

Try not to cause distractions in your man’s life

When you keep causing distractions in his life, this is what is called ‘Advanced poking’ which means you keep poking at an advanced level. If you find him playing or working without asking you for it, don’t cause too much of drama as this will lead to distraction.

Whenever his focus and concentration are towards something else, do you always need to turn back that attention towards you.

Do you always have to remind him that you’re the most important person in his life? Well, if you do so, this is a wrong way of loving your man.

Don’t leave any space for drama in a relationship

Women are great at creating stories from a small piece of information. Women, with the slightest hint of something, can create a big drama out of nowhere.

If you don’t want your man to get irritated with you, stop making assumptions over little things and try not to build stories from scraps of details.

Having a conflict over a made-up story is simply not worth the time and effort. Measure the words that you speak and try to use the right ones for your man.

Don’t think he’ll ‘understand’ or ‘know’ everything

Love isn’t a guessing game and hence it is always better to tell your man in clear language what you are looking for from him. Yes, when you have some desire from him, it is better to tell him clearly about them as he might not understand them.

Men prefer hunting and providing. So, you have to tell him what you wish to eat and he will love to bring it for you. Your man will always love it when you tell things clearly to him.

Therefore, if you’re someone who has always been in doubt about how to love your man, keep in mind all the above mentioned tips and points.

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