How to Say I Love You (Beautiful Romantic Ways)

Usually, the most dreadful part of any relationship is the time when you have to say ‘I love you’. When you are truly in love with your partner, you have to confess and accept the feeling whenever you feel that the time is right. Even though you may feel that your partner doesn’t feel the same like you, you should still do this.

Ways to Say I Love You

Chances are high when you have strong feelings towards your partner, he too will feel the same for you. With very little confidence and preparation, you can very easily accept and speak about your love.

If you’re someone who has been long been thinking of saying ‘I love you’ to your partner and you’re pretty scared about this situation, we’re here to help you out. Keep reading.

Think when is the right time to say ‘I love you’

Confess when you’re sure he has similar feelings for you

In order to determine whether the feeling is mutual, focus on the signs given by your partner. Gradually when you start knowing your partner, you’ll know the feelings towards you.

Does your partner do things which make you smile, looks at you in a different way and make you his top priority in life? If your partner cooks your favourite meal for dinner, this means he too has feelings for you.

Express feelings when you think is the right moment

The perfect time to speak about your feelings is when it will come to you in a spontaneous way. You will definitely understand when is the right time, based on the feelings and body language of your partner.

Few signs that your partner loves you truly include making you his priority, not constantly feeling interested towards new people and feeling a strong sense of attraction.

Avert saying ‘I love you’ too soon

Typically, you should always tell your partner ‘I love you’ only when you have spent pretty much time to know him.

The total amount of time that you spend will depend on the specific relationship. Wait enough to tell him that you love him until you know his feelings for you are genuine and real. Don’t say those three words unless you’re certain.

Know how to express your feelings

Do a prep talk before saying ‘I love you’

Are you nervous about letting your partner know about your feelings? If yes, take few deep breaths and talk with yourself. Tell yourself – ‘Yes, I can do this’ or something similar that will boost your confidence.

Remind yourself of all the reasons of loving your partner so that this distracts you from the dread of being rejected. Tell yourself that if this is meant for you, this is it.

Come face-to-face with your partner to tell them regarding your feelings

The moment you say that your love is powerful and effective, this is the point of transformation in your relationship and this is when you feel committed to each other officially.

Clearly check out his face expressions when you tell him about his feelings. In case that is not possible, you can check him out in a video call. Avoid saying ‘I love you’ through phone calls or texts.

Choose a private place to make the moment intimate

Don’t claim your love in front of too many people and this might add pressure on your partner and complicate all feelings. Find out an intimate time to relate to your partner how you feel. Cuddle your partner while he is on the couch and look at him into his eyes before confessing your feelings.

Wine can be a great mood-setter. You can sip onto wine and confess your feelings. Ensure your partner isn’t distracted while you say it.

Make yourself emotionally strong for not hearing the same response in return

Sadly, you can’t always control the reaction of your partner. Of course, you would want your partner to say ‘I love you too’ in return, there’s isn’t any guarantee.

When you feel genuinely towards your partner, you should tell him those three words not thinking about what he responds. Even if he says ‘No’, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have strong feelings towards you.

Show your Love to your partner

Try to give compliments to your partner often

Give him compliments as often as you can as this will make him reassured that you still feel attracted towards him.

You may also tell how nice your date was and how lucky you are to get him as your partner. Tell him things like ‘You’re the most precious person in my life’ or ‘I don’t know how I can spend a life without you’.

Give emotional support to your partner

Keep telling your partner that you’re there for him and give him assurance that you care for him. No matter what situation may come, you’re there for him through thick and thin. Be ready to listen to his problems and give him encouragement.

This way, your partner will trust you and you’ll grow in love. In case your partner has a rough day, talk about it or ask him what’s wrong. Tell him jokes to cheer him up.

Perform favors and gestures

Showing kindness to your partner is probably one of the best ways of displaying your feelings towards him. Buy him flowers, leave a love note for him and keep it at his workplace or buy a small gift for him. You can also make him his best meal for dinner so that he remembers you before he sleeps.

Touch your partner affectionately

Gentle and small touches are probably one of the best ways of showing your love and care. When you chat with your partner, try to gently touch his arm, knee or hand.

Hold his hands whenever you’re walking around with him and touch his back in an affectionate manner. These are small reminders of your love. Make sure you kiss and hug your partner goodbye.

Therefore, now that you’re sure about how to say ‘I love you’ to your partner, you should immediately craft a plan to confess your feelings to the man of your life.

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