Positive Words That Start With L

For every negative word, there is a positive opposite which is compared as synonyms and antonyms. Whether you’re someone who is writing a poem or you’re going to evaluate the write-ups of your employees, don’t you think you need to have a strong vocabulary?

Positive Words That Start With L

Well, how do you think you can build your vocabulary? The easiest and most common way of building vocabulary is by reading and noting down words. Once you know the meaning of words and how to use them in a sentence, you start to remember them gradually. There are positive words and negative words too.

As most of us struggle to find the right words at the right time, it is better to have a list of positive words in front of you so that you can check out the words and remember them often. This is why we have compiled a collection of all the positive words that begin with L to describe a place, person, thing, action, or more.

Once you understand their meaning and usage, you can use them while writing an essay or a poem or an email or greetings card, or Facebook posts. Below, you’ll find all kinds of descriptive and uplifting positive words that start with L. Make someone’s day special, spread love and laughter by using any of the words given below.

A list of Positive Words that start with L

Ladies’ manLadyLady-loveLadyhood
LeadLeaderLeadershipLeading light
LetteredLetting goLevel-headedLevity

Positive Words which start with L – Based on their parts of speech

Are you looking for a specific kind of word? If yes, we’re here to help! We have organized different sections for different parts of speech. The words are alphabetized and also include the definitions. Utilizing positive words is a lovely way of bringing back positivity into your life. Keep reading to know more.

A list of positive adjectives that begin with L

Laudatory – Something expressing or containing praise or showering compliments.

  • I was extremely overwhelmed by the laudatory remarks of the professor.

 Leisure – Freedom from demands of duty and work. Time which is free from demands of duty or work, when someone can take rest, enjoy sports or hobbies.

  • What do you love doing in your leisure time?

 Light – The opposite of dark, something that makes things visible or affords illumination.

  • There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

 Likable – Something or someone who is easily liked by others. Someone too pleasing to be around

  • She is likable enough and that’s why she is loved by all.

 Lively – Full of life and energy. Vigorous, active, brisk. Eventful, stirring, or exciting.

  • He has a lively personality who is easily liked by all.

 Logical – According to or agreeing with the logical principles. Reasonable; to be expected.

  • You should be more logical while thinking about your corporate life.

 Loyal – Faithful to someone’s country, state, government. Faithful to any party or leader or cause.

  • We assured him that we will stay loyal to the system.

 Lucrative – Moneymaking, profitable, and remunerative.

  • He inherited a lucrative property from his grandparents.

 Luminous – Radiating and reflecting light, shining bright.

  • The desert was luminous and this made it look extremely beautiful.

A list of Positive verbs that begin with L

Land – To arrive safely on part of the earth’s surface. Also, to succeed in securing a deal or date.

  • The land lay unharvested for the past decade.

 Launch – To start. To float by allowing to slide down inclined ways into the water. To set (a ship or boat) in water.

  • The Boss is all set to launch a new preventive maintenance program today.

 Lavish – Bestowed, expended, or occurring in profusion. Giving something to someone in great amounts.

  • She was enough blessed to lead a very lavish

 Learn – To gain new knowledge of some skill, experience, or instruction.

  • You must learn french as this is an interesting language.

 Let – To allow.

  • Let us get back to the last chapter so that we can revise it in class!

 Liberate – To free from restrictions or to set free. To free from control by an oppressive government.

  • They did their best to liberate the prisoners but they failed.

 Lift – To bring or move something upward from the ground level or hoist. To raise something or direct upward.

  • She was told to lift weight for building muscle mass in the body.

 Like – To be fond of or appreciative of someone or something.

  • I liked her fondly due to her amiable nature.

 Listen – To pay attention to the ear, attend closely to someone for the reason of hearing. To pay attention, obey, or pay heed.

  • He denied to listen to her humble pleas.

 Love – A profoundly tender and affectionate feeling towards a person. A feeling of warmth or personal attachment or deep affection for a child, parent, or friend.

  • It was love at first sight with my husband.

So, we hope you had a great time going through the positive words that start with L. There are times when staying quiet is rather better than reading something positive and learning something new. Keep in mind all the above-mentioned words that start with L.

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