Positive Words That Start With N

We often use positive words for motivation and encouragement. As we’re going through bleak times, everybody needs to remain inspired by reading, writing, and admiring thoughtful words. It is all about encouraging a friend or an elder, boost him up for accepting new challenges. We all need new words at some point in our lives as these words matter a lot.

Positive Words That Start With N

N is the 14th letter in the English alphabetical order and there are a multitude of positive words that start with N. How many times do you wish to use new words in a sentence and then fall short of them? We all face such situations in life when we want to participate in debates or discussions but fail to arm our speech with the right words at the right time. This is why it is vital to keep increasing your stock of words.

Neat, nice, new, nifty, newborn, all are welcome to be added to the list of positive words that start with N. In fact, the letter N is one of the most-used letters in the English language. People use N-words while writing cards, holiday greetings, text messages, poetry, social media posts, or even while playing scrabble or word games.

So, if you are searching for words that start with N, keep reading!

Positive Words that start with N

NailedNailed onNamasteNatal
Neat as pinNeatenNeat-handedNeatly
NiceNice-lookingNicelyNice one
Nice to meet youNicetyNiftyNimble
NobleNoblemanNo doubtNo end
NoiselessNomineeNom nomNon-belligerent
NonchalantNon negativeNon-violenceNormal
Number oneNumerousNuminousNurse

A list of Positive words that start with N – Based on their parts of speech

When you use positive words in a sentence, you let people know that you’re an inspiring and positive person. It can leave an impression on people like your interviewers or teachers. Here is a list that is categorized according to their parts of speech.

Positive Adjectives that start with N

Nearby – Close at hand, adjacent, not far off, or neighboring.

  • I met that farmer in the nearby

Neat – In a pleasingly orderly clean state, habitually orderly and clean in habits or appearance. Of a simple pleasing appearance, style, or design

  • She has a neat

New – Of recent origin, purchase, or production. Lately brought into being

  • He bought a new book from the book fair.

Nifty – Attractively smart or stylish. Fine, very good or excellent

  • It’s a nifty brain game that activates your brain cells and keeps you motivated.

Noble – Distinguished by title or rank. Pertaining to people who are well-distinguished.

  • He died for his country and this is enough of a noble

Nominated – To propose someone for an appointment or to be elected in an office. To appoint for a duty of office. To propose for an award, honor, or like.

  • He was nominated best-supporting actress.

Normal – Conforming to the standard or common type. Not abnormal, regular, natural.

  • She encouraged herself to lead a normal life after her luxury trip.

Positive verbs that start with N

Narrow – To narrow down a list is to shrink the number of options, to decrease in breadth or width, or in overall size.

  • They narrowed down their options before choosing a final lender.

Navigate – To move on, or through or over water, land or air, in an aircraft or ship.

  • I’ll drive, you just have to help me navigate through the right roads.

Neutralize – To make neutral, to make something ineffective, nullify or counteract. To put out of action or make something incapable of action.

  • You will need a special army force to neutralize the enemy position.

Nod – To make a quick, downward bending of the head, as in greeting, assent, or command.

  • A single nod means a confirmation.

Notice – An intimation or announcement of something impending, warning. To pay attention or become aware of

  • Did you notice the painting on the wall?

Nourish – To sustain with nutriment or food, supply with everything that is necessary for health, life, and growth.

  • They had long nourished the dream of traveling abroad.

Nurture – To feed and protect, to encourage and support during a period of development or training.

  • She wants to quit her job and nurture her children.

Positive Nouns that start with N

Nature – The material world, particularly as surrounding mankind and co-existing independently of human activities. The natural world, as it exists, without civilization or human beings.

  • In nature, wild dogs hunt in packs.

Nest – A home or a particularly comfortable, cozy place. A pocketlike structure, made with the more or less circular structure of grass, twigs, mud, etc. A place used by fishes, insects, rabbits, turtles, etc. for depositing their eggs.

  • The birds worked hard to create their nest and it is a work of art.

Nicety – A fine distinction, a delicate or fine point, subtlety or detail.

  • There are various niceties of protocol.

Niche – A distinct segment of the market. A place or position which is suitable or appropriate for a thing or a person.

  • I think we have found a successful niche in the toy market.

Nirvana – Freedom from the endless cycle of reincarnations with their ongoing sufferings.

  • Monied widowhood is their only nirvana.

Notification – A formal informing or notifying. An act or instance of notifying or giving notice

  • I was given no prior notification about the vaccination date.

Nurse – A person who is formally educated and trained to take care of the sick and needy.

  • The nurse washed and shaved him before the operation.

Never give up on new, positive words! Please feel free to refer to this list of positive words that start with N as often as you need. Use them whenever you speak or write poems or structure a social media post or send text messages to people. Stay informed and stay positive.

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