Positive Words That Start With O

Would you like to open your mind and heart to some positivity powered by the letter O? Every morning we need to maintain our positivity so that we can happily and strongly deal with the ordeals of the day. In order to remain positive, it is vital to think positively. You can only think positively when you have a good stock of positive words in your mind.

Positive Words That Starts With O

Optimists are of the opinion that with a positive train of thought, we can easily move mountains, embrace our future and take things to another level. However, there are many among us who fall short of the right words at the right time. This happens because we don’t read much and hence, we have a weak vocabulary.

It is by adding positive words to our vocabulary that we can use them while writing poems or playing word games like scrabble or sending texts or writing greeting cards. Positivity boosts your overall confidence and well-being and this is like winning half the battle. Choose your words wisely and carefully.

Keeping all that in mind, we have brought forth a list of the most outstanding positive words that start with the letter O. If you’ve been trying to boost your positivity today, go through the below-mentioned words and their meanings.

A list of positive words that start with O

Of substanceOkayOkayedOkey-dokey
OncomingOne-hundred percentOnenessOne of a kind
One upOngoingOn handOn-target
On the ballOn the buttonOn the moneyOn the right path
On the right trackOn timeOnwardOodles
OpeningOpen MindedOpen MindedlyOpenness
Open upOperableOperaticOperational
Out of sightOut of this worldOutplayOutrageous
OvertakingOverwhelmingOwnerOwning your power

List of Words that start with O and their parts of speech

What are the positive words which start with O? Well, positive words always give us an option for making your life more optimistic. When you use positive words, this can put a wonderful spin on your interactions, your speech, and your writing. You can create solid long-lasting impressions when you have a strong vocabulary. In this part, we have divided the positive words as per their parts of speech.

Positive Adjectives that begin with O


Willing to do favors or eager to do favors, offer one’s services and accommodating.

He found an obliging clerk who did all the tasks that he needed.


Acceptable, alright, or a variant of OK.

That’s okay. You needn’t worry about anything.


Infinite in power or almighty as in God

God is omnipotent and he is present everywhere.


Direct or moving forward. Onward is also used as an adverb

His life has a sense of constant onward movement.


In a large quantity.

She gave me oodles of money for shopping.


To show something without hiding or otherwise obscuring it

He stated his own views quite openly.


The best possible. Can be used to describe a choice or how optimum something is running

To make an optimal decision, I try to scan the highest number of alternatives.


Someone who likes being social. Leaving or retiring from an office or position. Addressed and ready for posting.

We need to give a farewell party to the outgoing members of the office.


The line by which an object or figure is bounded or defined; contour. A general sketch, or report, or account, indicating just the main features of a book or a subject.

The details of medieval history are outlined in the book that you’re reading.


Prominent, striking, conspicuous. Marked by distinction, superiority, distinguished or excellent.

Her outstanding performances brought forth a new benchmark for other dancers of the competition.

Positive Verbs that begin with O


To see, perceive, watch or notice. To regard with attention, particularly to learn or see something or make sure things are okay.

I want you to observe the way she reacts to the questions asked by the judge.


To come into possession of, to acquire, to get, to procure by request.

This team is trying hard to obtain a better income by doing sheer hard work.


To take place, to happen, to come to pass.

When was the exact time that the accident occurred?


To present for acceptance or for rejection. Proffer. To put forward or propose for consideration.

Can I offer you a cigarette?


Not closed or barred at the time, a window by a sash or as a doorway by a door or a gateway by a gate.

You must leave the windows open at night.


To make a choice, choose. To opt-out, to decide or withdraw or leave.

You can opt-out of the urban rat race and shift to the countryside.


To form as or into a whole comprising coordinated parts, particularly for united action.

We’ll organize a committee for doing all the jobs done.


To take its origin or rise or begin; start, arise

This specific practice originated in the Middle Ages and is still followed in parts of the world.


To ensure or last longer than expected. To live longer than; outlive

This specific pyramid outlasts the civilization that built it.


To get the better of in a conflict or struggle; conquer; defeat. To prevail over, surmount.

We should always try to overcome our weaknesses.

Ok, so are you overjoyed to go through this list of positive words that start with O? As you now have an abundance of words, what are you waiting for? Start using them while speaking with others so that you can easily motivate them and encourage them to keep away their sadness and grief.

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