Positive Words That Start With V

Are you someone who has long been looking for a list of positive words so that you could use them in your daily conversation?

Well, we all know that positive words add positivity to our lives and to the lives of people with whom we interact. But don’t you think there are too many among us who forget the right words at the right time?

List of Positive Words That Start With V

Whether you’re on stage for an impromptu speech or you’re playing a board of games or you’re typing a text message to an office or you’re sending a post on social media, words are extremely vital. Without using the right words, you can never construct a meaningful sentence as synonyms always don’t work perfectly.

It is necessary for all of us to strengthen our stock of words so that we don’t fall short of words during an emergency. But what is the process of increasing your vocabulary? Well, you either have to read a lot or write down new words and memorize them so that you can use them later while speaking.

So, if you’re looking for the positive words that start with the letter V, you may have to go through this long list that we have brought for you. Here are the words and how they’re used in sentences. Keep reading.

A list of positive words that start with V

Very wellVery goodVestVerve

Categorizing the words according to their parts of speech

Are you searching for positive words which start with V? Utilizing the positive words can impact the way in which you can interact with others and see the world around you.

Thanks to positive words that you can always have a positive perspective towards life. You can also be left with a great impression of you.

Most often, it is vital to select the right word and we’re here to make things simpler for you. We have broken down this section into 3 categories, adjectives, nouns, and verbs. Keep reading to know more.

Positive Adjectives that start with V


  • Meaning: Legally sound. Well-founded. Producing a desirable result or effective. Having weight, force, or cogency.
  • ExamplePlease give us a valid reason for your absence.


  • Meaning: Commanding respect due to impressive dignity of age. Worthy of veneration because of noble character.
  • ExampleHe was one of the most venerable members of Congress.


  • Meaning: Speaking the truth habitually, honest or truthful
  • ExampleMiss Stackpole was a veracious witness to the case.


  • Meaning: Capable of or adapted for turning from one to other of various tasks, fields of endeavor.
  • ExampleHe had been one of the most versatile writers of our generation.


  • Meaning: Precise, particular. Mere. Utter; sheer.
  • ExampleThis is the very first day that my son didn’t cry while going to school.


  • Meaning: Capable of living. Physically fitted to live. Able to live and grow.
  • ExampleThe committee brought forth a successful and viable.


  • Meaning: Lively, spirited, animated.
  • ExampleLaura was talented enough to present before us a vivacious folk dance.


  • Meaning: Intense or strikingly bright, as light, color, etc.
  • ExampleClare was certainly a vivid member of the group.

Positive Nouns that start with V


  • Meaning: A period of suspension of study, work, or other activity, used mainly for rest, recreation, recess, or travel.
  • ExampleAll schoolchildren are on vacation now and they love doing activities.


  • Meaning: Relative merit, worth, or importance. Material or monetary worth in trade or commerce.
  • Example: The value of a college education lies in the treasured memories that we create.


  • Meaning: Energetic, vigorous, vitality, or lively quality.
  • ExampleShe was a woman with extraordinary strength and vibrancy.


  • Meaning: A success or triumph over an enemy in a war or battle.
  • ExampleOur cricket team worked hard for another victory.


  • Meaning: Goodness, moral excellence, or righteousness.
  • ExampleVirtue and happiness are both important in life.


  • Meaning: A person with special skill or knowledge in a field.
  • ExampleHe was a remarkable virtuoso and he gained enough reputation.


  • Meaning: Mental vigor, physical strength.
  • ExampleDespite her eighty years, Elsie was full of vitality.


  • Meaning: Someone who voluntarily offers himself for some service.
  • Example: He enlisted as a volunteer in the army.

Positive Verbs that start with V


  • Meaning: To recognize or prove something as true or worthy.
  • ExampleYou need an official signature to validate the order.


  • Meaning: To move forward, generally in a worthwhile risk, either literally as in venturing forth into the unknown, or figuratively as in venturing a guess.
  • ExampleWhen darkness fell, he would venture.


  • Meaning: To allow more air into space or to allow tainted air out.
  • ExampleThe important thing is to ventilate your anger.


  • Meaning: To check to make sure something is true and accurate.
  • ExampleI can verify that it takes about thirty seconds.


  • Meaning: To picture something until it seems real, often with a goal of achieving it as reality.
  • ExampleI cannot visualize what he looked like.


  • Meaning: To go see another person or place.
  • ExampleI’d like to visit Japan someday.


  • Meaning: To put something into words spoken aloud.
  • ExampleThe dog vocalized his pain in a series of long howls.


  • Meaning: To promise. Generally accepted as even more important than a normal promise.
  • Example: Borrowing thematically from Medea, this world premiere unfolds as she attempts to derail the wedding, prompting Cortez to vow 

We hope you have enjoyed the list of positive words that start with V. The letter V is usually overlooked but there is definitely a list of words that start with V and that are positive. Keep in mind all these words and use them whenever needed.

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