Positive Words That Start With X

Are you someone who has been suffering from a shortage of words whenever you wish to speak with people? Well, we all go through this moment when we desperately search for words in our brain but we fail to get the apt one. It is then that we use some other language to describe what we mean.

List Of Positive Words That Starts With X

Positive Words That Start With X

Why does this happen? Well, this is a pretty common phenomenon mainly because we don’t often enrich our brains by reading good books written by renowned authors.

We don’t follow newspapers as these are the best places to find out new words in the English language. If we read books and newspapers, we would certainly increase our vocabulary and therefore help ourselves in using the right word.

Even though you may have not gone through newspapers or books, Google is there to help you out. If you search on Google, you will definitely get few good sites that will give you a list of words that you need. Our website too, is one such valuable resource, that you may refer to whenever you need help.

The letter X usually gets a bad wrap or is mostly associated with negative things but that doesn’t mean there are no positive words with this letter. The letter X is also not too commonly used while writing words. Nevertheless, if you want to still boost your knowledge on the words that start with X, especially the positive ones, keep reading.

A list of positive words that start with X


XieXie – (‘thank you’ in Chinese).

Nice Words that start with X – A list

XOXO (abbreviation)hugs and kisseshugs, kisses, love
X-factor (n.)noteworthy quality or talentwow factor, uniqueness
xaern (v.)enjoying something so much you begin to dislike it
xanthic (adj.)having a yellow coloryellowish
xany (adj.)a lot of energy; overly energeticenergetic, wild
xenas (n.)confident, strong womanmighty, strong, confident
xenagogue (n.)acting as a guide; guiding someonetour guide
xenial (adj.)being nice or friendly to foreign visitorshospitable, friendly
xenismosis (n.)offering meal (ritual)offering, ritual
xenodocheionology (n.)hotel and inn lorelore, myths
xenodochy (n.)receiving of strangershospitality, fellowship
xenolalia (n.)speaking a language you never learnedmulti-lingual, speaking in tongues
xenomania (n.)the pleasure of meeting strangerspassion, inclination
xesturgy (n.)polished objectspolished, clean, shine
xoanon (n.)primitive wood statuecarving, cult image
xoompin (v.)driving or going over bumps
xper (n.)someone that is an extreme programmerprogrammer, coder
xylographic (adj.)art of engraving woodwoodcut, engraving
xylotomous (adj.)cut or bored into woodwood-bored
xystus (n.)open porticostructure, entrance

Adjectives that start with ‘Xanth’

You must have heard of the Greek root ‘xanth’ which actually means ‘yellow’ and hence any time you find this in any word, you should understand that it is associated with this color.

  • Xanthic: Yellow or yellowish, or having to do something with xanthine, the compound.
  • Xanthous: Relating to people with yellowish or light brown or auburn hair, yellow in color.

Adjectives that start with ‘Xen’

‘Xen’ is the meaning of foreign and hence the adjectives listed below have something to do with unnatural, strange, foreign, or something that is non-native.

  • Xenolithic: Of or related to a rock fragment that is foreign to the rock to which it is embedded.
  • Xenogenic: That which originates outside the organism or from some foreign substance that is administered within an organism.
  • Xenophobic: Unusually afraid of strangers or foreigners.
  • Xenotropic: Reproducing or replicating only in cells rather than the host species.

Now you have to understand that the English language has various quirks and that is why this language is special. Here are few words that also start with ‘xen’ but their meaning is not related to being ‘foreign’.

  • Xenodochial: Friendly and amiable to strangers.
  • Xenial: A friendly relationship between the guest and the host.

Adjectives that start with ‘Xer’

‘Xer’ means ‘dry’ and whenever you come across adjectives with the prefix ‘xer’, it will somewhere refer to dryness.

However that doesn’t mean there is something ‘dry’ related to the photocopies that you make out of a Xerox machine, however, the origin of the word is the same. In the end, photocopying became an electrical process and not rather a chemical one. Here are few other examples.

  • Xeric: Habituated to a dry environment.
  • Xerophilous: Ability to thriving in a dry and hot climate as is with animals and plants.
  • Xerographic: Pertaining to xerography.
  • Xerophytic: Pertaining to some plant which is adapted for growth under different dry conditions.
  • Xerophthalmic: Related to abnormal dryness of the eyeball which is linked with conjunctivitis.
  • Xerotic: Affected with or characterized by xerosis.

Adjectives that start with ‘Xyl’

‘Xyl’ means ‘wood’ and hence all the adjectives which follow here have a relation with ‘wood’. So, now you know where the word ‘xylophone’ comes from. Although today xylophones can be made of fiberglass or metal initially it was carved out of wood. Check out the adjectives starting with ‘xyl’.

  • Xylographic: Related to the art of engraving something from wood.
  • Xylophagous: Boring, eating into, or damaging the wood.
  • Xyloid: Of or like wood, or woody.
  • Xylotomous: Capable of boring or cutting into wood.
  • Xylophonic: Related to the sound that is made by a xylophone.

Other Adjectives that start with X

While most adjectives begin with Xanth, xer, xen, or xyl, there are few others that don’t begin with these. Here are few other examples.

  • X-acto: Immensely sharp and hand-held cutting tool with a replaceable blade, used for different types of craft projects.
  • Xiphophyllous: Botanical term for a plant that has leaves that are shaped in the form of a sword.

These are adjectives that you can refer to while conversing with people. If you’ve been searching for the best positive words that start with X, you can take into account the above-mentioned adjectives that start with X.

Keep expanding your vocabulary by using these interesting adjectives while speaking.

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